The most common myths of cancer insurance

When it comes to investing in prevention, people doubt whether it will be worth it or not. This happens not only with vehicle and real estate insurance, but also with cancer insurance. Although cancer is a disease that does not distinguish sex, marital status or economic status, many people still think it will not happen to them or their family.

In addition to that thought, there are other reasons that cause rejection of cancer insurance. Here are three of the most common myths and the truth about them:

All insurances are expensive

All insurances are expensive

Maybe a few years ago this would have had some truth; However, today the offer of cancer insurance is wide, so that each person can choose an option that suits the protection they are looking for and also in their pocket. There are the most basic policies, which have a moderate monthly cost, and also the most complete ones, whose cost increases according to the benefits included.
That is why before purchasing one, it is recommended that you compare the different coverage and insurance companies. For that, you have available web tools such as the Good Finance cancer insurance comparator.

The coverage is very small

As mentioned in the previous point, the coverage varies according to the policy you purchase. Depending on the company you select, you could even purchase unlimited coverage.

It is ideal that you find out the restrictions and conditions of each one, in order to know well what you are acquiring.

Abroad is better treated

Abroad is better treated

Many people believe that leaving the country they will receive better treatment. What can be found in other countries are more advanced equipment as they are constantly renewed as well as larger investments in research. According to Fernando Suazo, medical director of Oncosalud, regarding the results and successes in the treatments, there is no difference.

Don’t get carried away by myths and start protecting your family and yourself.

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